Girls Passion

Our Mission

Our mission is to unleash the potential of Godly young women by challenging them to explore God’s purpose in creating women, to embrace the treasure of sisterhood and to enliven one’s desire for God.

Passion is for girls 16 years of age or older.


July 4-7, 2018

Indian Lake Christian Camp

3915 River Rd. Darlington, MD 21034


$195: May 1-31

$225: June 1-July 13


The Ultimate Risk: How Courage and Trust can Transform Your Destiny


Stop Pretending

Come. Step into the light. It’s safe here. Take off your disguise and let the real you be seen. God is calling your name. He knows the real you and wants you to know the real Him.


Know God Values You

You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. You are loved. There is hope. The truth of God is more powerful than any lies you’ve ever been told. When you believe that, the enemy is defeated and you can move mountains.  


What is surrender and how does God pursue you in it? God may take you on journeys where you have the choice to surrender or continue in misery. It might not seem fair to surrender, “but God…”.

Stand For Truth

You are called and chosen by God. Hear about living boldly in this calling without fear of rejection from others and learn how to invite them into the journey with you.

Embrace God's Plan

Our culture confuses the value of women. The perceived options are to become a ‘doormat’, lose identity, relinquish dreams, or live passively.  The response is to fight, claim rights, and be independent. God’s plan is revolutionary – do you have the courage to live it as you follow Jesus?

Live Loved

We know love because God first loved us. He pursues us when we pursue other things; He loves us when we follow other lovers; His desire for us never changes though ours wavers. How will you respond to the love that is independent of your actions?

2017 Speakers

I am Amy Coates. I think the things that make me feel the most alive are dancing, drawing, and music. I’m just starting to discover who I really am and Who I belong to. It’s really excit- ing. I’m looking forward to hearing your story and getting to know you at Passion 2017!

I am Deb Overholt. I am married to Galen, the man of my life. I love to spend time with him, cheer on my children in their journey of life, and drink coffee with friends. Basically, I LOVE TO BE WITH PEOPLE!

I am Pat Roy. Currently, I live in a D.C. suburb where I care for my 84 year old mother. I taught school for 22 years until I became ill with Lyme disease. I’ve since learned lessons on surrender, nding peace and joy in the midst of the physical and emotional storms. Reading, music, art, and time with family and friends is what I enjoy.

When & Where

July 4-7, 2018

Indian Lake Christian Camp

3915 River Rd. 

Darlington, MD 21034

Indian Lake Christian Camp

Girls Passion 2017 has ended, but check back for updates on Passion 2018! 

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