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Our Mission

Our mission: To teach truch from God’s Word, experience those truths in tangible ways, and internalize those truths during times of corporate and individual reflection.

Passion is for girls 16 years of age or older.


July 17-20, 2019

Indian Lake Christian Camp

3915 River Rd. Darlington, MD 21034


$195: May 1-31

$225: June 1-July 4


2019 THEME: Reality Check


Is your relationship with Jesus the real deal? What does it look like to give up your life for the sake of the Gospel? What if knowing God was more than just obeying boundaries, but about knowing and living out of His heart? What motivates your relationships and what are the things that keep you from going deeper, with God and others? 

At GIRLS PASSION 2019 we will be taking a closer look at our relationships with Jesus. We’re creating a time and space to get honest with God, ourselves and others.

2017 Speakers

Julia Ruth Miller is passionate about discipling young ladies and helping them find their true value. She also loves camping and spending time in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Currently she is serving at the Hannah House, a safe place where women can experience God and healing. Her own journey is one of walking out of darkness into His light, and she knows firsthand that joy comes in the morning.

Susanna Stoltzfus is originally from upstate South Carolina. Raised in and defined by the slow pace of southern culture, she loves stories, coffee, words, and all things music. She currently makes her home in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Ruth Ann Miller is celebrating 25 years of marriage to Dave, and together with their five children, travel about seven months out of the year with Gospel Express Ministries. Praying with women, sharing God’s word, and experiencing diverse cultures are the most meaningful parts of her ministry. She lives in North Carolina and enjoys worshiping in nature, interior design, sewing, and speaking at events with her daughter Deborah.

When & Where

July 17-20, 2019

Indian Lake Christian Camp

3915 River Rd. 

Darlington, MD 21034

Indian Lake Christian Camp

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