2019 THEME: Reality Check

Girls Passion

Our Mission

Our mission: To teach truch from God’s Word, experience those truths in tangible ways, and internalize those truths during times of corporate and individual reflection.

Passion is for girls 16 years of age or older.


July 17-20, 2019

Indian Lake Christian Camp

3915 River Rd. Darlington, MD 21034


$205: May 1-31

$235: After May 31st



So many times we look for 1-2-3 formulas instead of digging deep in the issues that hinder a close relationship with our Father. Wounds in our lives can twist our perspective of God, but there remains a longing for relationship with Him. As we find our identity in Him, we can learn to worship Jesus in any season of life.

Lies we have believed create isolating walls, keeping us from authentic relationships. When healing allow the walls to crumble, we can understand God’s love for us, and experience honest, open relationships with others as well. 

I am constantly in wonder at the way the Almighty leads and changes us. At a young age, I opened my life to darkness and secrecy. The battle of light and darkness consumed me.  After years of living this way, the Light overcame and changed everything that I was.

Our generation seems to put a lot of focus on healing, which is important. But if we don’t find purpose as well, we will still be empty. It’s true that we will face difficulties, but Christ calls us to a life of fulfillment and joy, not one of constant struggle. We can live this life in freedom.


Is your relationship with Jesus the real deal? What does it look like to give up your life for the sake of the Gospel? What if knowing God was more than just obeying boundaries, but about knowing and living out of His heart? What motivates your relationships and what are the things that keep you from going deeper, with God and others? 

At GIRLS PASSION 2019 we will be taking a closer look at our relationships with Jesus. We’re creating a time and space to get honest with God, ourselves and others.

2019 Speakers

Julia Yoder

Julia Yoder

I was born into a family of three siblings. After my dad passed away when I was young, my mom remarried and had five more children. Our family spent a couple of years in Peru, which gave me a taste of new cultures and travel, and these things are still some of my favorites.  I’ve been privileged to spend time teaching school in Honduras and attending school in Hawaii. Regardless of where life takes me, I want to make an impact on the lives around me and live fully alive in my Savior.

Sarah Ebersole

Sarah Ebersole

I love living life with my favorite people- my husband Wayne, and our six children. Our home is under the big skies of Montana, and I’m inspired by the simple beauty of each day… early morning quiet, one-on-one time with friends, rainy days, and worship music. I love to write and have studied extensively in personal mentoring and spiritual deliverance. One of my greatest passions is to walk with others as they find healing and begin to experience the deep love of their Heavenly Father. 

When & Where

July 17-20, 2019

Indian Lake Christian Camp

3915 River Rd. 

Darlington, MD 21034

Indian Lake Christian Camp

Registration is closed for 2019

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