A weekend full of heart-pounding team building obstacles, lifting the name of Jesus through worship, discipleship sessions and good ole fashion camping!

Our Mission

Our mission is to challenge and encourage young men through a spiritually, mentally, and physically tough environment, to live life out of a heart overflowing with PASSION for God.

Passion is for guys 15 years of age or older.

  • HELPING young men experience the Gospel of Christ in an exciting and real way.
  • BRINGING them to a realization of HIS will for their lives
  • EMPOWERING them to be equipped by God through the Holy Spirit to live a victorious Christian life
  • Empowering them TO DISCIPLE others

Guys PASSION Camp 2019


You cannot call yourself a follower of Jesus and live for yourself. To be a follower of the King is to fully surrender yourself to Him. You are no longer your own. What you have is no longer yours. You are simply a steward. It is the most vulnerable yet secure place you will ever be. Look back over the last week. What do your decisions and actions indicate? Are you a follower of King Jesus or a follower of king you. 

When & Where

August 14-18, 2019

369 CRC Drive, East Waterford, PA 17021

Passion Camp starts on Wednesday, August 14th at 2:00pm and ends on Sunday, August 18th at lunchtime.


$195: Early Bird (before May 31st)

$225: After May 31st

Campers signed up!

Join us this August as we come to terms with God’s plans for His chosen men and prepare to be challenged physically, spiritually, and mentally as we seek deeper understanding and stronger faith and belief in our Lord.

Climbing the 15' Wall
Guys Passion Group 2016

It’s not always something as damnable and damaging as smut that hinders the Christian race. It can be an otherwise harmless thing if it were not for the huge amounts of time and money invested in it – “toys” or entertainment for example. In themselves they are not bad for you, but if they represent large quantities of time they might be robbing you of time spent with Christ. Last Sunday I counseled a young man to drop off time spent with friends. They were pulling him down, weakening his walk with God. There is too much at stake to run the risks. He’s better off without a friend in the world except Jesus than with all the friends in the world but Jesus.

-Glen Branham

Passion 2019 Speakers

Bill Coutain

Bill Coutain

Lewistown, PA

I am passionate about Jesus and talking about the things He reveals to me in His Word. The reason why I am in ministry is I get so excited about Jesus that I have to let others know what He is doing in my life and what He wants to do in their life. What excites me about Passion weekend is that I get to talk about what is so dear to me too others.

Galen King

Galen King

Belleville, PA

My wife Beth and I have two daughters, Nicole and Kiarra, and we live in Belleville, Pennsylvania. I frame houses for a living. I am an assistant Pastor at Juniata Christian Church.

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